Welcome to www.esl-lessonbag.com, a website created to assist teachers of English as a Second Language in planning effective lessons using quality materials with minimal stress and effort.

Feel free to have a look around! You will find a variety of activities, games and resources listed under the different categories to the right. We have created a range of activities that cover all four skills needed to be conquered in order to learn English successfully.


In the worksheet section, you will find a wide range of worksheets designed to maximise student interaction using the four core language skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Worksheets to download include: Find someone who surveys, Describe this place, Interview your classmates, What would you do if....


Looking for flashcards that make english vocabulary real and alive to your students? This is the place to find them! You will find many different sets of commonly used words to describe a variety of objects, animals, activities, people, places, thoughts, and emotions. Lexical sets include: African animals, fruits, clothing, food, jobs, places, and many others.

Games and Puzzles

A major rule of teaching english to second language learners is that; no matter what the age or ability of the learners, to learn english successfully and effectively the learning process should be motivating, relevant and fun!